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Daily Vibe Fortune Cookies

Want the fun of a fortune cookie without the sweet calories? Look no further than Daily Vibe’s fortunes. The daily fortune is almost like a riddle – something to contemplate as you begin your day, while wondering if its words bring with it a mysterious warning or a valuable lesson.

There are quite a number of legends about the history and the origin of the fortune cookie. While many view the sweet treat as a dessert, many others approach their opening with sincere hope the paper treat inside will offer divine guidance. Traditional restaurant fortune cookies often offer wisdom, lottery numbers, simple smiley faces, and even jokes. The goal here at Daily Vibe is as light-hearted, yet still different.

Each day we offer a new fortune designed to encourage creative thought, inspired actions, and hope for what the future has in store. We hope you find our fortunes as fun and enjoyable as we do!