What is Daily Vibe?

We search the web for stuff we love and share the best with you. Stop by for a quick laugh, a bit of inspiration or a short story guaranteed to make you smile.

When you think of vibes, does it conjure up images of hippies, surfer dudes, and peace signs? Perhaps you hear California 1960s beach music playing in your mind. You may even think that it sounds like something that came from the imagination of a New Age guru. While that can sometimes be the perception in the mainstream, vibrations, mindfulness, and manifestation are very, very real.


Fortune Cookies

You know you love to open that fortune cookie after you dine on your General Tso, finding it fun and interesting to find out what’s inside. It might make you think or just lead you to laugh a little. Our Fortune Cookie here at Daily Vibe is just like that, except you don’t have to call for delivery or stand on line at the buffet. Just click or touch, and reveal a message for today, crafted just for you.

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DailyVibe horoscopes are crafted with care just for you. We use the astrology of the Moon—which has a lot to do with our emotions—as the basis for our horoscopes. We look at where the Moon is in relation to your Sun Sign, and then use astrology to look at how the Moon aspects and interacts with the other planets to set the tone for the day. From there, we use age-old, tried and true wisdom to help you navigate the waters of your day, inspire you, and help you live a happier, healthier life.

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Your Daily Vibe

Just by participating in Daily Vibe, you’re raising your vibe every day. By exposing yourself to positivity and Daily Messages, you are already on your way. When you create an intention and put that vibe out into the world, you are emitting an energy from your soul that will draw people and situations to you on that same wavelength. The science and knowledge gives you a very powerful tool to manifest your best life.

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