5 Reasons You Need to Think Like an Optimist

5 Reasons You Need to Think Like an Optimist
5 Reasons You Need to Think Like an Optimist

Skepticism, pessimism, optimism — everyone you know belongs to one of these camps when it comes to everyday thought. While some people think pessimism and skepticism area healthier, the truth is that optimists are happier and more committed to their goals. Their upbeat frames of mind convert into better overall health.

Health and Wellness

A Harvard study showed that people with optimistic attitudes had fewer heart problems and better cholesterol readings. They also had a healthier psychological outlook on life.

Optimists are More Productive

Those with a positive outlook on life tend to stay healthier and have stronger immune systems, resulting in less days away from work. Even when they are sick, they tend to recover faster than those who aren’t usually hopeful by nature.

Better Mental Recovery

Optimists still have bad days, but they recover from them differently than those who have a dull outlook. It’s easier for them to get over feelings of frustration and they find it easier to find the silver lining in any situation. They aren’t as quick to give up.

Sports and Optimism

Optimists who love sports are in for a real treat. They’re naturally better when it comes to athletics, not because they are stronger or faster but because they have a hopeful mindset. Optimists tend to use less-than-stellar goals and statistics to fuel them towards better performance while pessimists allow defeat to slow them down.

Your Five Senses

People with a healthier attitude tend to be more balanced. They also see an enhancement in their senses, especially hearing and vision. This enhanced level of perception leads to a better attention span as well as to higher level of creativity.

Not feeling very optimistic? The good news is optimism is something that can be learned. Give it a try and you may end up enjoying your brighter disposition and outlook on life.