Charming and witty, Libras often make a good impression on others. This zodiac sign has to be careful though, when playing a role in a social context, to not lose themselves in it. They want to be loved and enjoy others so much that they can risk being taken advantage of or being used. A Libra who has found his or her heart’s desire simply shines and brings a dose of harmony to everything they touch.

The Scales

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruled by Venus
Key Phrase: “I Balance”

The Libra Sign

Libra is the seventh sign of zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. This air sign is outgoing, social, and friendly. Symbolized by the scales, this celestial sign seeks to bring balance and harmony to everything around them. Fair and thoughtful, they tend to be at their best in a relationship, a partnership, or when surrounded by friends. Trustworthy and very loving, they can be a complete joy to have by your side. As an air sign, they use their intellect to be able to use fair judgment.

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