9 Ways to Shift from a Bad Mood to a Good Mood Right Now

9 Ways to Shift from a Bad Mood to a Good Mood Right Now
9 Ways to Shift from a Bad Mood to a Good Mood Right Now

Having a bad day? Feeling a little blue? Life stressing you out?

It’s easy to dwell on a bad mood, but it isn’t really healthy to do so. Good news: there are tons of simple little things you can do to pick your mood up right now.

  • Talk a walk, even a short walk around the block. You’ll get some fresh air, get your blood pumping, and give yourself a few minutes to breathe, refocus, and calm down.
  • Turn on your favorite music, but make sure you choose something uplifting. Turn it up loud! Sing along or dance around your house. Embrace the sounds you love and enjoy the moment.
  • Pop some gum into your mouth. There is something about the act of chewing for a few minutes that can actually calm you down.
  • Enjoy some chocolate. There are plenty of studies that have proven that the chemical compounds in chocolate contribute to overall happiness.
  • Find your companion or a good friend and grab a quick hug. The pressure receptors in your skin stimulate the chemical oxytocin when you feel touch. You’ll reduce your stress levels and feel better.
  • Snuggle with something soft. Curl up under a soft blanket and just spend a few minutes relaxing. Contact with softer items is also proven to make people feel good.
  • Do a good deed for someone else. Seeing someone else smile will make you feel better, too.
  • Call your bestie. A quick conversation with a good friend may put life into perspective.
  • Try journaling. Write about your experiences. Journaling has been long touted as a great tool for healing and may even prove inspirational. Use paper or your computer – whichever you want.

There’s no reason to dwell on the negative. Try something quick and simple to boost your mood and move on with your day. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you like to do to pick up your mood from time to time, too!