A Morning Meditation to Kickstart Your Day

The first few minutes of the morning can set the tone for the entire day. There’s a big difference between waking up happy and refreshed versus waking up exhausted, anxious or irritable. Creating a morning routine can help you center yourself at the start of the day even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

There’s plenty of science-backed evidence to support certain healthy habits like drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet. Even making sure you get enough sleep each night can help you feel better. It may be common sense, but in the hustle and bustle of busy weeks, it can be difficult to do all the things you feel like you should do because of all the things you have to do.

A short meditation can support self-care without taking up too much of your valuable time. Studies have shown that meditation has innumerable physical and mental health benefits. Consider adding a short but powerful meditation to your morning routine to enjoy these benefits and kickstart your day, like this one that we found for you online. Here’s to a better day!

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