Are You Doing Home Organization ALL Wrong?

Did you fall into the Marie Kondo life, trying to rid yourself of everything that didn’t bring you joy? If you have tried to organize your home, you may have encountered the frustration of putting in all that time and effort only to see life descend into chaos once more. You may not be the problem though.

What if the home organization techniques themselves are what’s wrong? What if there was an easier way to get organized and keep it that way? If that sounds too good to be true, you’re going to want to grab a pen and take notes as you watch this.

Is your mind blown right now? It’s totally blown, right? I bet you even identified a weirdo space in your house that needs your immediate attention.

Everyone has a different sense of style. You may not agree with her assessment about open versus closed storage, but she might have made a point or two that still makes sense for you. Being intentional about how you organize and decorate can turn a functional space into a beautiful one, too.

Home organization is made to look easy when the techniques are anything but. By shifting the way you organize your home, you might find that life gets a little less chaotic while also getting more aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with these 10 tips, it just might be easier than ever. With these smart organization hacks, you can turn your messy life into your best one.

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