Body Positivity 101: Love the Body You’re in Today

“You should love your body.”

“Just love yourself.”

It’s easy to say, but it’s so much harder to actually do this in practice. You’ve probably grown up with even more messages of how to change your body to fit into the societal standard, so the self-love messages may feel like they’re too little and too late.

But what if you could learn to love it? In this short video that we found for you online, you’ll learn about a few techniques that just might help you love yourself just as you are — and you’re pretty amazing!

A positive body image might not just happen overnight. It may take practice. With these tips, you can learn to separate yourself from those negative internal messages you’ve absorbed over the years and start feeling more happy and confident in the skin you’re in.

Are you ready for this transformational journey? The best time to start is RIGHT NOW. Hey, you look good. It’s time to feel good, too.

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