How to Avoid Toxic Relationships

How to Avoid Toxic Relationships
How to Avoid Toxic Relationships

Toxic people… they can be so charming and smooth that it can take a long while before you realize that they do you more harm than good. But, you can avoid these people and the relationships that come with them by following a few simple guidelines.

Serve Yourself

When you are truly serving yourself, you won’t tolerate the things that make your life worse instead of better. People don’t have to do anything to specifically serve your higher calling in order to be a positive influence in your life. Maybe they just make you think outside the box or leave you feeling better than you did before you saw them.

Toxic people and relationships leave you feeling drained and questioning your own values. While it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind, the positive things that are important to you should never come under attack. You can refine them or take them to a higher level, but you should also protect them in an effort to protect yourself.

Notice the Signs

Who are you when you are with this person? Do you do things you normally wouldn’t? Do you avoid people who used to inspire you? Are you constantly apologizing or hoping for some sign of approval? Toxic people aren’t as obvious as gossipers and negative speakers. Sometimes their influence alone or lack of approval makes you feel less worthy than you really are.
The real truth is in the way you think and feel when you are with this person and after they leave. If people aren’t bringing something positive into your life, there is a good chance they are bringing something negative into it. When someone brings only negative things, it may mean it’s time for you to learn to assert yourself or cut ties altogether.