Daily Vibes

When you think of vibes, does it conjure up images of hippies, surfer dudes, and peace signs? Perhaps you hear California 1960s beach music playing in your mind. You may even think that it sounds like something that came from the imagination of a New Age guru. While that can sometimes be the perception in the mainstream, vibrations, mindfulness, and manifestation are very, very real.

The Science Behind the Vibes

Subatomic particles make up everything in the physical, measurable universe. The most respected theory shows that these particles exist as vibrating strings. They exist within everything from the carbon atoms in your body to the neurons in your brain to the water bottle sitting in your cup holder. The difference between you and the water bottle is your consciousness and awareness of being “I.”

The thing is that your awareness, your soul, is also based in quantum mechanics, too. Your soul is energy that is stored in your body, and it also is made of tiny particles of energy. Your soul and your consciousness vibrates, and you have a vibe.

Studies on people exposed to breathing in molecular ions (atoms that have gained an electron and negative charge through natural causes), for example, have shown that it can lift mood and impact depression. A simple change to the energy around you can impact your thoughts and emotions. There is nothing about energy and its universal uses that are accidents.

Manifestation and Creative Consciousness

Different thoughts and emotions have their own vibration. When you put these vibes out, you don’t even have to be conscious of your mood for someone who is in tune with you to be able to pick up on it. Often, this can even draw negative experiences into your personal orbit and you might not even be aware what you are drawing to you. This can be turned around into creating conscious intentions by being mindful.

Studies done on mindfulness have shown that those who take care to consciously create and maintain their vibe are happier and more positive about their lives. This isn’t new, nor is it magic. Your vibe, when you choose to use it intentionally, has the powerful ability to draw happiness to you when you keep it at the right frequency. You get to create the reality you need to fulfill your desires.

Just by participating in Daily Vibe, you’re raising your vibe every day. By exposing yourself to positivity and Daily Messages, you are already on your way. When you create an intention and put that vibe out into the world, you are emitting an energy from your soul that will draw people and situations to you on that same wavelength. The science and knowledge gives you a very powerful tool to manifest your best life.