The Misunderstood Benefits of Stress

The Misunderstood Benefits of Stress
The Misunderstood Benefits of Stress

Most conversations about stress focus on how unhealthy it is. The reality, though, is that short-term stress can actually have a positive impact on your body. Short-term stress is designed to protect your body. It’s when you begin to suffer from unchecked, chronic stress that your health begins to suffer.

Stress Boosts Your Brain

Stress triggers chemicals called neurotrophins. These chemicals actually work to strengthen the neurons and their connections. Some scientists believe this is why positive stressors, like exercise, help us to concentrate, become more productive, and have better memories.

Stress Teaches You to Cope Better

Small amounts of stress can teach your body to better cope when a larger stressor enters the picture. Short periods of focused stress will allow your body to react and then recover, acting like a practice and allowing you to learn how to push forward when the going gets tough.

Short Term Immune Boosters

Another chemical the body produces under stress is the interleukin. Interleukins offer a temporary boost to your immune system because the body isn’t sure if it may be faced with an injury or illness. The effects don’t last long but they may protect you when you are in public and exposed to certain viruses.

Stress is Motivating

Good stress, or eustress, helps motivate you towards reaching your goals and succeeding in life. The drive stress creates will make you more productive and effective, especially if you look at stressors as challenges instead of overwhelming problems.

Not ever stressor in your life is bad. Take a deep breath, relax, and embrace the short-term stressful situations in your life. They may just turn out to be beneficial in the long run.