How To STOP Putting Off the Hard Stuff

Procrastinate much? You’re not alone. It’s easy to put off doing hard things. From taking care of mountains of laundry to having those difficult but important relationship conversations, delaying the inevitable feels good in the moment, but it often makes that hard thing even harder to do as your anxiety grows.

There are a lot of reasons why you might put off doing a difficult thing. Anxiety is certainly one reason. You might also feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and simply not up to expending the energy you think it will require. Perhaps the daily grind is grinding you down, and you just can’t face another difficult thing. 

The following video explores how to do hard things – the easy way! Learn how to trick your brain into tackling the difficult tasks, and say goodbye to procrastination. Check it out …

The tasks won’t miraculously disappear off your to-do list, but these tips can give you the motivation you need to check them off one by one. You might even experience a burst of confidence as you complete the tasks you set for yourself. The hard things might still be hard, but you’ll be up to the challenge. 

While these tips can help you tackle a great many tasks on your list, the following tips can also help support you.

See a Therapist

A mental health clinician can help you identify blocks to reaching your goals. They can also help you learn coping strategies to manage anxiety and communication skills to help you set boundaries and ask for what you need. A good therapist can help you learn to to resolve conflict in healthy ways and figure out why some tasks fill you with dread and overwhelm instead of confidence and motivation.

Set SMART Goals

Setting achievable goals can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. SMART is an acronym for the following: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Goals that meet this definition are going to naturally feel more achievable. You’ll have the confidence you need to tackle them.

You set yourself up for failure any time you set a goal that seems unachievable, unrealistic, and doesn’t have a clear action plan for success. Big goals might seem exciting at the start, but as your motivation and enthusiasm wane, you might find that anxiety creeps in. SMART goals can help you identify what you want and how to get it.

Rely on a Support System

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Even if the task is yours to complete, let the people who love you support your efforts. Share your goals with others. It can help hold you accountable, but it can also help to have some encouragement along the way.

Your friends and family aren’t the only ones who can be counted on to help. Network beyond your circle of friends to find social media pages and groups with like-minded people working toward similar goals. Even support from virtual strangers can help you as you work toward achieving your dreams. 

You really can do hard things! By tricking your brain and putting a few other helpful practices in place, you can chip away at your to-do list and bask in that feeling of accomplishment it brings you.

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