This fire sign enjoys romance and pleasure: both emotionally and physically, and the more creative, the better. This astrological sign is faithful, and will take up the cause of those they care about without hesitation. They have courage in spades and they tend to seek emotional and spiritual fulfillment all through their lives.

The Lion

Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Ruled by The Sun
Key Phrase: “I Will”

The Leo Sign

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. This willful and prideful fourth sign of the zodiac doesn’t need to have been born into royalty to be regal. Usually great leaders with strong views and a creative drive, this star sign shines and draws people in with their charisma no matter where they go. They do enjoy putting people to the test sometimes, as they tend to be demanding in friendships and relationships. They simply expect to get back the same level of loyalty that they give.

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