Simply Learning While Relaxing

Take a deep breath.

Pop on the video above.

Get ready for a new kind of experience.

You can watch, or even just listen while you close your eyes. Whether you want to learn something new while you sleep or dive deep into tingly relaxation while you watch is up to you.

In this video, Youtubber ASMR Melange takes you on a trip of the mind, while showing you the history of the English language in a way you’ve probably never experienced it before. While this AMSR-artist has plenty of different topics to choose from, this is a great place to start your journey of learning about history, language and global geography… without any stress or boredom.

ASMR, also known as Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response, is said to be a stress-busting, relaxation technique that uses visual and auditory stimuli to create a physical response in the body. ASMR creators call this feeling “the tingles.” Sometimes it is called, “getting the chills.” Those who get these tingles in response to videos like this say it is a very pleasant feeling that helps them relax.

Some people report using ASMR to sleep better, to lower stress, to just relax, or even possibly lift depression or anxiety. While there are all kinds of ASMR videos out there in cyberspace, ones like this one above also have the benefit of helping you learn something new and expanding your mind or world view. That’s a win-win!

Write to us and let us know if it helped you! Do YOU get tingles?

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