Small Changes Can Help You Achieve BIG Dreams

Goals aren’t supposed to make you feel like you never measure up. Setting goals can help you stay inspired and motivated. It gives you something to look forward to and can be a reminder of your priorities.

Goal-setting, like anything else, is a skill you can learn. There’s a trick to doing it. It’s a very small shift that could yield huge results! Have you ever tried doing it this way?

Here are a few other small tricks that could help you out.

Set Daily Intentions

In addition to your big goals, consider setting a daily intention. Intentions can help you with progress toward your goals. Your intention could be that you’ll practice mindful presence throughout the day, staying in the moment rather than drifting into past regrets or future worries. Another intention could be to honor how you’re feeling as you go through your day. Your intentions could even be as simple as focusing on gratitude rather than challenges over the course of the day.

Reward Your Progress

As you put your goals into action, don’t forget to reward yourself for progress along the way. Don’t just wait until you reach your goal to give yourself a pat on the back. Decide how you’ll celebrate smaller achievements. It will help you feel good about how far you’ve come and give you motivation to keep going.

Keep Going

If your goal was easy, you’d have reached it already, and it wouldn’t be your goal. When facing setbacks, allow yourself to rest, breathe, and take a break if you need to. Then, keep going. No one ever achieved a goal by giving up. With that being said, understand that it’s okay if your goals change. They’re your goals, and you’re entitled to change your mind at any time. Just don’t give up because it wasn’t easy. Great goals usually take work to achieve.

Watch a Video

We found this cool video from Bite Size Psych online to help you get started. It may make it even easier to help you get started!

Let your goals inspire you today. Consider the small changes you could make to help you inch a little closer to living your best life. What can you do today to see a little forward progress?

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