Stop Running, Start Resting

Stop Running, Start Resting
Stop Running, Start Resting

The struggle is real and so is the hustle of day-to-day life. If you’re like most people, you likely run from morning to night with very little true rest; and if you have days off you probably fill them with activities you think are relaxing but really aren’t. It’s time to make some time to slow down and truly rest.

Burnout isn’t Fun

You don’t need to be busy 24/7 to be a productive, contributing member of society. Constantly going without taking time for yourself almost guarantees eventual burnout, and that’s just unhealthy. Take some time out of every single day to take a walk, meditate, or simply sit outside in the sun.

Your Memory Will Thank You

According to the Huffington Post, evolutionists have discovered that solitary walks in nature are actually good for your brain. Your brain has a chance to heal and grow the hippocampus, which is responsible for your memory. The uninterrupted focus is relaxing and good for you.

Your Brain has a Maximum Capacity

Believe it or not, your brain needs a break after a maximum of 90 minutes of focus. Try moving through your work day in 90-minute increments. Don’t allow distractions during that time and then take short breaks after each. Make a phone call, read an article, or take care of something simple. The rest will do you good and will improve your focus on your project when you get back to it.

Daily and Weekly Rest

Make sure you give yourself some time each evening to recharge – watch a favorite TV show, read a book, or take a relaxing bath. There is nothing quite as awful as feeling like you are simply repeating the same motions daily and that will happen if you never carve out time for yourself.

Weekly rest is important, too. Don’t stack your entire weekend with back-to-back activities. It’s perfectly fine to spend some time at home, work in your garden, take an extra nap, vegetate in front of a movie, or doing something calming.

Your body will thank you for slowing down.