Manifest Your Destiny

Manifest Your Destiny
Manifest Your Destiny

When none of your dreams seem to be coming true, you may be looking around you for the reason. The fact is, you may be getting in the way of your own happiness with things like negative self-talk and focusing more on what you are missing than what you want. Here you can find a few simple tricks to help you manifest your own destiny and get rid of some of the stress you carry.

Literal Vocabulary

Negative self-talk is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from reaching the goals you dream of… and you should be dreaming of them. Words like “can’t,” “never,” and any other word that puts you in the mindset of what you don’t have or don’t currently do can make you believe that these things are true, even when you say them in jest.

To manifest your destiny, picture yourself living the life you dream of. Our experiences are the things that guide our actions. You need to give your brain the experience of the life you dream of so you can act in such a way as to achieve it. Replace “can’t” with “will” or another positive affirmation. Even if you don’t believe it in that moment, you need to teach your brain to accept it with repetition and positive affirmations.

Focus on What IS

Too often, we sit around and wonder why we don’t have this or that, when the people and things around us were once the things we wondered about. Take a good look around you. Accept that you have achieved things you once dreamed of, and you can continue to do so. Focus on what IS in your life rather than what you feel like you’re missing, and you’ll have a more positive outlook that can take you closer to your dreams.