Why You Should Power Nap Regularly

Why You Should Power Nap Regularly
Why You Should Power Nap Regularly

Most of us wish we could take a quick nap sometime during the day but never do. Research is starting to show that naps, when taken properly, are better for us than most people realize. Here are some reasons to give a quick, 10-30 minute power nap (no longer!) a try:

  • A quick nap in the middle of the day increases productivity. Companies like Google and Zappos have even embraced this theory by incorporated nap rooms into the workplace.
  • A nap timed between 2pm and 4pm can increase alertness at a time where many of us feel fatigued and “in a slump.” A short rest will give you a fresh burst of energy.
  • Ever meet a cranky toddler? What solves their crankiness issues? A nap, of course. Your mood will lifted when you wake up.
  • People who take short, regular naps are less likely to reach for sugar and caffeine for an energy jolt. If you’re trying to lose weight, this will be a huge boost to your efforts.
  • Sleep helps keep your short-term memory fresh and strengthens your long-term memory.

Short power naps can’t replace your overnight sleep, but they can supplement it and help you feel better throughout your day. Take that 20 minute nap without any feelings of guilt. As a matter of fact, consider scheduling one daily so you’re consistent. You deserve it!