The #1 Productivity Hack Everyone Needs to Learn

(DailyVibe) – There are tons of life hacks that can increase our work output and lead to a more successful day – all in the name of increasing your overall productivity. Getting enough sleep, eating well, waking up early, and even writing down our goals can help improve our performance.

One productivity hack, however, stands out above the rest. By implementing this one simple trick, we can all reap the benefits of increased productivity. Are you ready for this?

Stop Multitasking

Sounds counterintuitive to everything we’ve learned in our workplaces, doesn’t it? Consider the research. Experts have found focusing on more than one task as a time is actually harmful to our overall productivity. Instead of getting more work done faster, we actually make the work more challenging by dividing our attention.

While multitasking is often seen as a positive work skill, experts disagree. Researchers at Stanford University have found focusing on more than one thing at a time actually reduces productivity. Having to switch tasks makes it more difficult to be as efficient as focusing on a single task. In fact, switching between tasks can make us up to 40% less productive.

In the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, researchers found that multitasking also negatively impacted IQ by up to 15 points. This impact to cognitive impairment was backed up by a study at the University of Sussex. Researchers there found evidence that multitasking is correlated with cognitive impairment, less focus, and more issues with depression and anxiety. In fact, it can even increase stress levels.

Only 2% of the population can successfully multitask without an impact on efficiency. For the other 98% of us, it is important that we focus on one task as a time for better productivity.

Instead of multitasking, we are better off doing a single task at a time. By focusing on one task, we can clearly and efficiently check items off our to-do lists without the added stress of trying to switch gears during the middle of projects. If everyone learns this one simple life hack, we may find that the quality of our work improves along with our productivity.

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