7 Ways to Increase Your Energy with an Energy Budget

If you’re looking to have more energy on a daily basis, you can always start with some standard tips. You can go to bed earlier, drink more water, decrease your evening screen time, and even make healthier nutritional choices during the day. These are all great ways to help improve your energy levels. You can even see a healthcare professional to rule out any health reasons for low energy and exhaustion.

New Healthy Habits

While these healthy habits can increase your energy levels, you might not have tried this next tip. You’ve heard of budgets for your finances. But have you ever sat down and created an energy budget? You might not even realize just how much you need one!

In the video that we found for you online, you’ll learn about the importance of spending your time and energy wisely. “Be wildly generous with the time you give to the things that lift you up the most, and be brutal about cutting down time spent on everything else.” Watch this video to find out how to make an energy budget and how to wisely leverage the energy you have already. You’ll even learn about the benefits of a slow burn over a heavy lift. Seriously… don’t miss that amazing tip!

Using An Energy Budget

The concept of an energy budget is that obligations you find depleting will naturally lower your overall energy. Plans that make you feel good and bring you joy will actually help you feel better and add to your overall energetic resources. You want to work smarter, not harder.

To get started on an energetic budget, start a list of the things that drain you versus the ones that always make you feel good. While you might want to begin with social obligations and plans, you can also apply the idea of an energy budget to your work and home responsibilities.

As you make your list, you’re likely to discover where your priorities lie. It may help you find clarity about the friendships and other relationships in your life that leave you feeling exhausted, and you’ll also see which ones make you feel nourished and supported. Just as a financial budget can help you manage your income and expenses, an energy budget can help you manage your time and energy.

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