Cancers tend to take initiative and are likely to be assertive and strong. Even male Cancers usually have a maternal streak a mile wide. While this star sign has to be careful to not become overbearing or controlling, their hearts are in the right place. Determined and witty, most Cancers do love to laugh and have a zest for life.

The Crab

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruled by The Moon
Key Phrase: “I Feel”

The Cancer Sign

Cancer, the crab, is a water sign, and comes in as the fourth zodiac sign. Cancers are loyal, caring, and emotional souls who are ruled by the Moon. Like the phases of the Moon, they have a reputation for being moody, sometimes to the point of even closing themselves off to the world. But don’t worry, they never stay hidden in their shells for long, especially when they have someone to take care of. Above all else, most of these water signs need to nurture and love to feel fulfilled.

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