Explaining the Color of Noise

Did you know that noises have color? It sounds weird, right? You’ve probably heard of white noise, but you might be surprised that noise has a whole spectrum of colors and meanings. 

You might wonder why in the world the color of noise matters and what it has to do with you. Research has shown that spectral content, or color, of noise can actually impact your sleep, work performance, and other areas of your life. The following video offers a quick guide on the difference between the colors of noise. 

Now that you know what each noise sounds like, let’s talk about the practical applications of these noises. Researchers found that red, pink, and white noise actually impact performance. Pink noise was found to gain the most positive results for productivity. Red, pink, and white noises improved executive function on tasks in the experiment. White noise was found to improve memory testing while red and pink increased good judgment, implementation, and perception of the environment.

What Kinds of Noises Are Associated with Color?

These aren’t the other colors of sound that have been studied. Brown noise is believed to support cognitive function and focus. Green noise is often used for relaxation. Orange noise is sometimes used to treat symptoms of depression. Some colors of noise can help you sleep, and others have been found helpful to neurodiverse populations. 

Whether you listen while you work or play soundscapes while you sleep, the color you choose could impact the experience. Research implications can be applicable at work, school, and home. You could incorporate pink noise while you’re taking a test or working on a project. If you need to remember something, add in white noise. Can’t focus? Turn on brown.

Just as your environment influences your productivity so does the sound in your environment. A custom soundscape could help you turn a lackluster work day into one filled with productivity and impressive performance – or, it could just help you relax.

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