While not deeply emotional except with a cherished few, Geminis are idealistic enough to not want to bend even an inch when it comes to fighting for a higher purpose. Like many Air signs, intellectual pursuits often are more important to them than personal relationships, although they will likely keep a few close friends or a partner. This astrological sign may have to learn in life that compromise is important in relationships, as sometimes they put principle over people. However, they have an originality and a special vibe that sets them apart from the crowd.

The Twins

Quality: Mutable
Element: Air
Ruled by Mercury
Key Phrase: “I Think”

The Gemini Sign

The third sign that the Sun passes through in the astrological year is Gemini. Also known as the sign of the Twins, this quick and witty Air sign borders on genius. Ruled by the planet Mercury, these natural thinkers are often great at arts, language, or technology. Often able to do or think about multiple things at a time, this celestial sign has the ultimate juggling act. What they may lack in follow-through, they often make up for in great ideas or through their desire to protect people they love. This is a sign of duality, so Geminis sometimes like two different people living in the same body.

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