How to Be Plant-Forward

One of the primary wellness trends you might be seeing is the plant-forward diet. This nutritional plan isn’t vegan or vegetarian but something else entirely. Experts say that a plant-forward practice has a positive impact on both individual health and global climate change. Pretty impressive, right?

If saving the world and getting healthier sounds good to you, there are some easy ways to begin a plant-forward lifestyle. This diet isn’t based on restrictions. Instead, it’s all about getting more of what’s good for you. Here are a few quick tips to get started, and we even found a video online from Yale to help!

Start with one plant-based meal. This is an easy way to figure out how to make a meal using plants only. It’s also a great way to consider what you’ve been eating and how to make your diet healthier.

Make plants the main feature. Instead of featuring a meat option with vegetables on the side, consider mixing things up by making the plant-based item the main course or having more veggies with a smaller portion of meat.

Focus on switching meat for more plant-based protein like nuts or lentils. You can add more protein-rich snacks into your day to get the protein you might miss from eating less meat through the week.

This dietary plan isn’t meant to be extreme. It’s just a way to incorporate more plants into your diet while cutting back a little on meat. It’s good for you and good for the environment, and you don’t actually have to give up anything but portion size and frequency. Basically, you’ll be saving the world, and we think that’s pretty awesome of you!