Shaking Up Your Daily Routine

Shaking Up Your Daily Routine
Shaking Up Your Daily Routine

Face it – your daily routine is probably pretty monotonous. You get up, eat, go to work, enjoy the same hobbies and activities, come home, sleep, and start the day again. You may enjoy the things you do, but you may be stuck in a rut. Shaking up your daily routine from time to time, even in small ways, can do a lot to help you feel fresh, alert, and happier as you go about your daily tasks.

Here are some things you can do to liven things up a bit:

  • Do a little bit of breakfast meal planning on the weekends once in awhile. Overnight oats, baked egg cups, and homemade muffins are great choices. You’ll free up some extra morning minutes to read a few pages of a book, take a little longer in the shower, or take a different route to work.
  • Actually take a different route to work or school. Give yourself a few extra minutes and find a more scenic route. Tired of the scenic route? Take the busier route and enjoy the change in pace.
  • Use an app on your smartphone to add a quick 5-minute meditation to your day. Do it on your lunch break or after work. The few minutes of peace will give you a chance to reboot.
  • Change up your wardrobe. Add something bright and bold – something you’d never usually wear. You don’t have to be scary or tacky – just a little out of your comfort zone.
  • Try a new hair style. We’re not talking a new cut – just a new style. Grab some gel or hairspray and experiment.
  • Host a dinner for a couple of family members or friends for no good reason. Have a game night, try a new dish, or ask everyone to bring something to share.

Shaking things up a bit here and there doesn’t need to be a serious or stressful undertaking. Switch up a different aspect of your routine regularly and you won’t feel stuck in the same groove day in and day out.