What Your Home Says About You

When author and life coach Martha Beck sits down with the one and only Oprah Winfrey, you know you’re in for an a-ha moment of epic proportions. In this short video, Martha Beck tells us what our homes say about us.

You read that right. Our homes are revealing–and not just about what kind of housekeeper we are either.

Did you just look around and slide an overflowing basket of laundry out of sight? Did you pick up a dirty sock off the floor or remind yourself of a task to do later? Maybe you feel good about your space and are eager to hear what that says about you. Watch this!

Wow! Isn’t that amazing? If your mind is blown, you might want to watch it again and let the truth sink in. Or you might want to go deal with your dirty laundry.

We might be revealing more than we ever knew. Who knew!

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