Goodbye, Self-Defeating Thoughts. Hello, Empowerment!

Is your inner voice your best friend – or your worst enemy? Do you speak to yourself with love and kindness or with constant criticism? It’s time to kick those self-defeating thoughts to the curb to embrace empowerment. Watch this short video that we found for you online to learn how to use this psychological technique to defeat your self-defeating thoughts.

Learning to be your own best friend is an important part of personal growth. It also improves your mental health and can even make you a better friend to others. You’ll feel better, and it will radiate outward to impact others. What if being your own best friend was all it took to make the world a little bit better and brighter? That would be pretty amazing!

What do you have to lose? 

Well, that’s easy. It can be comfortable to do what you’ve always done – even if what you’ve always done isn’t healthy for you. Learning to stop your inner critic and control your thoughts takes regular practice and effort, but it’s a wonderful gift to give yourself. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning, and you’ll likely make a few mistakes as you go, but it gets easier over time.

Picture what it would feel like to be your own best friend instead of your worst critic. Imagine giving yourself the support you so easily lend to others. Quick! Give yourself three genuine compliments right now!

How did that feel? Did it come naturally, or did you have to search around to find things you genuinely like about yourself? Try this instead: Think about three genuine compliments you would give your best friend.

Was that easier? It often is easier to be kind and supportive to others – and hard on yourself. Try the exercise again. Were you able to come up with three compliments for yourself a little easier this time, or are you still faking it until you make it?

With practice, you can stop being a critic and start being kind to yourself. You are worthy of love and kindness – from yourself as much as from anyone else. Go on. Give it a try!

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