Reading the Signs of the Universe

Reading the Signs of the Universe
Reading the Signs of the Universe

How many times have you wished you had a playbook to tell you what to do next in life? There are so many variables to consider, that knowing exactly what steps to take next can be almost impossible. Fortunately, there is a playbook of sorts, if you pay attention.


Are you trying to be with someone or get something done and seem to encounter an issue with it every way you turn? Sometimes those roadblocks are a sign for you to turn in another direction. It doesn’t always mean you can’t have what you want. In fact, many times it just means you need to take a new approach or go in another direction for something even better.


When you aren’t sure if you are headed in the right direction, you can sometimes find symbols that will give you encouragement. Maybe you are walking down a path and find a blue pebble that doesn’t seem to belong there… and blue just happens to be your favorite color.


When we don’t pay attention to the signs that we are given, the signs sometimes get stronger, like a parent yelling louder because you aren’t listening. While you may welcome some of these signs, others can be painful.
The key here really is to trust your own instincts and perceptions. You may not always like the signs, gut reactions or other hints of what direction you should go in, but when you pay attention to yourself and how the world around you is responding, the answer is clear as day.