Your Own Instant Mood Booster

Bad moods are the worst, and it can be hard to get out of the funk. Even worse, once your mood is low, it can be all too easy to be unkind to yourself. That’s where this instant mood boosting hack can come in handy!

According to Youtuber Gabby Bernstein, taking a moment to forgive yourself can quickly turn your mood around. She encourages people to say “I forgive myself” out loud, which can then help you to accept yourself in a low state of mind. Remember that it’s okay to feel negative emotions. Indeed, being hard on yourself for feeling down is what can worsen one’s mood, so it makes sense that giving yourself permission to feel your feelings without judgement can help boost your mood. So, check out the video we found for you online above!

What if you’re not quite ready to forgive yourself? That’s okay! Gabby says that saying that you’re willing to forgive yourself can be used in place of absolute forgiveness. That way, you can eventually work towards being comfortable forgiving and accepting yourself for having negative feelings or thoughts.

So, the next time you’re in a low mood, why not take a moment to say “I forgive myself”? Perhaps your mood, and your vibe, will be lightened. If you find that you often feel low, it could help to talk with your doctor or a therapist for more support. Here’s to you, friend!

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