8 Steps to a More Creative Brain

(DailyVibe) – It is a common misconception that some people are born creative while some people are not. The left-brain/right-brain idea of creativity is just a myth. Everyone has the capacity for creativity. It just may take training our brain to exercise those skills.

Being creative is important for more than just writing or creating art. Creativity has been shown to increase problem-solving skills and reduce stress.

In fact, the exercises needed to train the brain to be more creative are simple and fun. With practice, we can increase our creativity. Here are eight easy steps:

1. Practice Mindfulness.

Being more mindful (focusing on your body’s experience of each of the senses and staying in the present moment) can increase concentration and can reduce self-consciousness according to researchers. It can even boost divergent thinking. Even as little as ten minutes a day can help boost creative brain function.

2. Get Curious

A study in Personality and Individual Differences found that general curiosity was linked to higher levels of creativity. Simply being interested in a variety of topics leads to information seeking, which results in more original ideas and thoughts. By exploring areas that we feel curious about, we train our brains to be more creative.

3. Go for a Walk

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that walking is linked to greater creativity. The simple act of walking allows ideas to flow more easily, leading to improved problem-solving and inspiration.

4. Daydream

The Association for Psychological Sciences found that daydreaming helps the brain build creativity and problem-solving skills. There’s even a “correct” way to daydream. Letting our minds wander to worry can be a harmful type of daydreaming while focusing on possibilities can be a positive way to build creative thought.

5. Doodle

Many creative people were known doodlers including Ernest Hemingway, Queen Victoria, Marlon Brando, and Steve Jobs. Drawing little doodles can help train the brain for greater creativity.

6. Journal

Frida Kahlo. Leonardo da Vinci. Benjamin Franklin. Each of these famously creative people were known to journal. Journaling can be a great way to brainstorm ideas, find an outlet for feelings, and to reflect on the self, making it an excellent tool for building creativity.

7. Experiment with Art and/or Science

According to the editors of American Scientist, “Innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence have inspired new aesthetics in dance and in visual art; magic tricks and musical performances have led to a deeper understanding of the workings of the brain.” Both art and science experimentation lead to greater creativity. Whether we choose to make a science experiment or dabble in the arts, we are likely to help our brains build greater creativity.

8. Play

Play is not just limited to childhood. According to Dr. Paul C. Holinger of Psychology Today, play is an important part of creativity for both children and adults. When we want to help our brains build a stronger capacity for creativity, we can enjoy being playful and having fun.

Creativity isn’t just for those who hold creative jobs. It is for all of us. By practicing these eight steps, we will develop a more creative brain, generate ideas, and become more innovative problem-solvers.

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