Aquarius Horoscope

May 26, 2022… Aquarians could discover creative ways to reach out to someone close or new today. Whether you’re looking to start a new friendship or get in touch with a loved one, being yourself is a great way to start. Perhaps you want to be original or even go old fashioned with things? You could write a letter, send a card, or find a new way to get your point across. Whatever you do, let your personality do the talking today and you’re be more likely to get the response you seek.

Today’s Soul Advice: We all carry with us prejudices — bias and judgment built into our minds. Whether or not we act on these prejudices is up to us, though. Truly, we have the power to choose our reactions. We also have the ability to work towards destroying our preconceptions. Mindfulness and compassion helps us with the effort to achieve our spiritual and intellectual evolution.


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