Aquarius Horoscope

Apr 12, 2024… You could feel unsure about your aspirations today, dear Aquarius. You may want to branch out and do something original, but you may feel like someone else is always ahead of you. It’s hard to be the nova you were meant to be when a cloud is constantly blocking your rays, but there is always a way to get your talents into the spotlight. Set your goals higher; brainstorm valuable steps for success and prepare for clear skies by morning.

Today’s Soul Advice: Even the smallest mountain cannot be moved at its whole. It is through time and patience that, bit by bit, pieces can be removed until finally the entire mountain is gone. You can move your mountain, just don’t try to pick up the whole thing at once. Break your problems down to their bits and then you can haul them away.


How to Have a Productive Day

How to Have a Productive Day

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