Aquarius Horoscope

Jan 19, 2021… Endings and new beginnings could play a key role for Aquarians today. This might be the end of a long project or something else that’s run its course. In either case, there’s no need to mourn the passing. Each door closes for a reason. Think of this time as a chance to reboot and use your talents and intelligence in a new way. Look for interesting partners and new endeavors. A promotion, new friendship, or great project may be opening up soon.

Today’s Soul Advice: Even when you’re on the right path, you can sometimes find yourself having to take a detour. Don’t worry, you’re still on track; you’re just currently taking the scenic route.


Like other signs with the element of air, Aquarians are often witty and smart thinkers who use their minds to sort out their problems rather than their emotions. They are known for sticking up for the underdog, and are very supportive of friends who follow their dreams to become their true selves. Aquarians often seek to have meaningful lives, surrounded by other souls who care about the state of the world. They are often fabulous friends to have, as they are typically honest to a fault. Lovers of progress and humanity, they shine when making a difference for a single person or the world.