Pisces Horoscope

Mar 4, 2021… An opportunity will likely present itself today that will allow Pisces to move up the ladder in life. While this change can bring a bit of stress, it’s important to take this in stride. Focusing on what matters most to you and grabbing any personal or professional opportunities firmly with both hands can make a difference for your future. The tide can turn in your favor, but it’s up to you to take charge and move forward.

Today’s Soul Advice: When you’re trying to comfort someone but can’t find the right words to say, it’s okay to say nothing. Sometimes a shared look or a soft touch can express what you’re feeling more than words ever could.


Dreamy and scattered, Pisces are deeply emotional souls who wish to make a connection with their spiritual sides. Even those who do not follow a particular religion tend to feel the pull of a greater relationship with the universe and with all living things. They may be distant at times, even with those they love, as they need space and time alone. However, many will spend much of their lives sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Compassion and empathy feature strongly in this water sign, and they are likely to give you the very shirt off their backs if it would make you happy.