Pisces Horoscope

May 15, 2021… Pisces could look outside the box for ways to have a little fun today. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but hesitated to try? Perhaps you’re finally ready to try something you once thought was “weird” or “different.” It could be enjoyable. It only takes one experience to change your whole outlook. Be bold. Give yourself permission to explore, and you may find yourself on a whole new grand adventure! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Today’s Soul Advice: When we’re told to be kind to others, we often think this means we should be nice to other people. While this is obviously important, kindness must extend beyond humans in order for us to live harmoniously on this planet. Be kind to animals, trees, and insects. After all, we are all family — made of the same star stuff that is as old as the beginning of time.


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Dreamy and scattered, Pisces are deeply emotional souls who wish to make a connection with their spiritual sides. Even those who do not follow a particular religion tend to feel the pull of a greater relationship with the universe and with all living things. They may be distant at times, even with those they love, as they need space and time alone. However, many will spend much of their lives sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Compassion and empathy feature strongly in this water sign, and they are likely to give you the very shirt off their backs if it would make you happy.