Pisces Horoscope

May 26, 2022… To mention that today’s vibe will drive Pisces to be emotionally deep is an understatement. You could feel joy just as fully as you do pain, and this will likely make you seem captivating to those who see you for who you are. People around you could also find that you understand their troubles and relate more earnestly than most. Those around you may find you magnetic, as you could seem to be able to make them feel validated and that their feelings matter. Let them count on you today.

Today’s Soul Advice: We all carry with us prejudices — bias and judgment built into our minds. Whether or not we act on these prejudices is up to us, though. Truly, we have the power to choose our reactions. We also have the ability to work towards destroying our preconceptions. Mindfulness and compassion helps us with the effort to achieve our spiritual and intellectual evolution.


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