Pisces Horoscope

Nov 15, 2018… Pisces could be easily distracted today. You’ll probably have things to do, but you might not be able to stay on track when change is in the air and you aren’t sure which way the wind is blowing. It’s hard to focus when you’re thinking of other things, especially when they require your utmost attention. Motivation can fade quickly, so focus on one small task at a time. When you finish, you’ll feel relieved and have plenty of time to turn your focus to those distractions in your head.

Today’s Soul Advice: People who will matter in your life don’t measure you by the things you have or even the things you don’t have. Most often, you will be judged by how you treat them, how you made them feel and how kind you were to them. Knowing this, you can worry a little less about material things.

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