Taurus Horoscope

May 15, 2021… Taureans could let loose today. Have a little fun if you can swing it. It doesn’t matter if you go dancing or take a gaggle of kids to the park. You can relax under a tree with a pal, hit the mall, or do whatever you like to do to unwind. The energy today will be for getting out of the grind and into the sublime. Wrap up your to-do list early so you can have fun without guilt today. It will provide just the recharge you need.

Today’s Soul Advice: When we’re told to be kind to others, we often think this means we should be nice to other people. While this is obviously important, kindness must extend beyond humans in order for us to live harmoniously on this planet. Be kind to animals, trees, and insects. After all, we are all family — made of the same star stuff that is as old as the beginning of time.


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The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus, which is symbolized by the Bull. Like the strong, stubborn symbol, this Earth Sign tends to plant their feet firmly on the ground and valiantly defend what belongs to them. Taureans aren’t big on changes or major shifts in their lives, unless they can see a way it might benefit them in the long run. Tough, responsible, and practical, a Taurus is loyal to friends and can also be very loving. The connection to earth is strong, as combined with its fixed quality, so while Taureans do have an undeniable love of luxury, they are unlikely to live far beyond their means.