Cancer Horoscope

Jan 27, 2023… Health could take center stage in the life of Cancers today. Your body will need some attention. Perhaps you could use some down time, a long stretch or a little pampering. What do you need to stay on top? Commit to taking charge of it today, setting the stage for a healthy transformation in the near future. Remember that adding positive things to your life automatically decreases the negative things, whether that means adding more water so you drink less soda, or just seeking some extra inspiration to outweigh the static that brings you down.

Today’s Soul Advice: Mother Nature adores and nurtures diversity. That’s why not every bird uses its wings to fly and why some trees bloom flowers, some grow fruit, and others only produce seeds. This means that your uniqueness is loved by nature. Nature worked hard to help you become all of the things that set you apart from other people. Revel in it.


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