Cancer Horoscope

Jan 23, 2021… You could desire a little private time to help you recharge your batteries today. A brief solitude is often a good idea for you and those around you. Cancers often spend an enormous amount of energy on those they love. It can get a little crazy at times, though, and you could need a personal day for yourself. Deep, loving energy can be restored if you take advantage of the vibe that’s so right to revive your soul before returning to caring for someone else.

Today’s Soul Advice: When you find your true path, inertia can keep you going. Let the momentum you’ve built rise around you like the rolling current, and then enjoy the ride.


Cancers tend to take initiative and are likely to be assertive and strong. Even male Cancers usually have a maternal streak a mile wide. While they have to be careful to not become overbearing or controlling, their hearts are in the right place. Determined and witty, most Cancers do love to laugh and have a zest for life.