Cancer Horoscope

Jan 22, 2019… You could start out a little on edge today. Cancers tend to have an emotional vibe, and — let’s face it — when they get angry, they can be a force of nature. So, since this energy can lead you to be extra moody today, be watchful for things that might set you off. If your emotions get activated, taking a deep breath so that you do not inadvertently take it out on someone else can win the day. Keep your cool and you can be presented with opportunities to let those joyful emotions smile through you with the same intensity.

Today’s Soul Advice: The purpose of your existence isn’t to work until you die or to live out other peoples’ expectations of you. Your life is yours to figure out what you want and to follow your dreams, whatever you decide those are. When you make your passions the focus of your life, you will live to the fullest.

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