Sagittarius Horoscope

Mar 18, 2019… Sagittarians won’t just feel ready for some changes today, they could be inspired to make them. If you feel like you can reach new limits, go for it! Whether it’s your career, home, or a personal relationship, take some steps to improve the situation. Even a Sag can feel a little hesitant from time to time, but today will have a vibe to overcome the obstacle that has been blocking your path. Taking action and getting the results you want can make you feel amazing.

Today’s Soul Advice: Perspective can make all the difference. Perhaps you see the burnt remains of a forest and mourn for the loss of what once was, or maybe instead you marvel at the new life waiting to take root in the nutrient-rich ashes. You see, you can choose to be stuck longing for the past or you can decide to look optimistically towards the future. You have the power to change your perspective.

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