Sagittarius Horoscope

Sep 23, 2020… Sagittarians could tap into a well of passion today. Got extra energy in your mind, body and soul that needs to come out? This will be the vibe to let it soar. It doesn’t have to be romantic passion — although that’s possible, too — but you could feel a strong pull to indulge in the things that really get you going. In life, in business, in fun: you will likely be all in and ready to fly.

Today’s Soul Advice: Though the pine tree does not bear fruit, it stands as tall and proud as the pear tree. Even though the penguin cannot fly like the hummingbird, its wings are useful just the same. While the sunflower reaches for the skies on a strong stem, the wisteria climbs toward the sun and smells just as sweet. Your differences are what make you beautiful.