Virgo Horoscope

Jul 22, 2019… You could tangle with some pretty intense emotions today. Because Virgos can seem pretty cool on the outside — unless they are stressed out, of course — many people underestimate the depth of this very earthy sign. You certainly have your moments, and today you could be running on high yet still be tempted to hold it all in. Consider letting it out, though, even to just one trusted friend. A good old-fashioned vent can turn those feelings into a great energy and vibe to start your week out right.

Today’s Soul Advice: Some might say that hope is a double-edged sword. On one hand, hope can inspire us to keep going and push us forward in otherwise dismal situations. On the other hand, when your hopes are dashed, you can feel really let down. Still, hope is essential for bringing your desires into reality and it keeps us going through the darkest times. Never give up. Hope will always be one of mankind’s greatest weapons.