Virgo Horoscope

Aug 1, 2021… Virgos could have personal wellness on their mind today. When it comes to making health improvements, the energy is primed for you to jump right in and begin. Going to extremes right away, though, rarely works in the long run because it may be too difficult to stick with it. Today’s prescription will be to make small improvements that you can stick with. That sense of moving in the right direction may be just the inspiration you need to tackle the week ahead.

Today’s Soul Advice: We humans can be pretty hard on ourselves sometimes. Often we spend more time beating ourselves up over our mistakes than we do celebrating our wins. Yet, when we focus on what’s wrong, we get stressed out and set ourselves up for more mishaps. Take the time to love yourself for all the wonderful things you are, and you may just find that helps you create even more magical moments worth celebrating.


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Having a strong personality that can be blunt and direct at best or picky and difficult at worst, Virgos do let you know exactly where you stand in their lives. Sometimes work or career can become more important to the Virgo than their friends or relationships, especially if they are working towards a higher calling. Yet, their loyalty is undeniable and once open, they can be warm, caring, and exceptional gracious.