Leo Horoscope

Jan 27, 2023… You could be on edge today, with a quick temper. If something is bugging you, you could be a little snippy. Since taking things out on someone close to you could get you uninvited for lunch, stop for a second and listen to yourself. Tap into that Leo compassion and find your zen. Then, if there’s an underlying issue to solve, face it head-on with all the energy you might be wasting on being cranky. That way, you open yourself up for the weekend and sail right on through.

Today’s Soul Advice: Mother Nature adores and nurtures diversity. That’s why not every bird uses its wings to fly and why some trees bloom flowers, some grow fruit, and others only produce seeds. This means that your uniqueness is loved by nature. Nature worked hard to help you become all of the things that set you apart from other people. Revel in it.


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