Capricorn Horoscope

Jan 19, 2021… Your mind could be on the money today. When it comes to dollars and cents, a Cap usually likes the checkbook balanced to the penny. Today’s vibe will be good to double check that you’re in balance financially speaking. It will also use a spot on energy to take a look at your recurring expenses that you’re no longer using. Can you cancel them? Reassess your plan. You have a practical instinct for improving your finances today.

Today’s Soul Advice: Even when you’re on the right path, you can sometimes find yourself having to take a detour. Don’t worry, you’re still on track; you’re just currently taking the scenic route.


Capricorns should be careful to remember to be kind, and make an effort to connect with people in order to have healthy relationships. Sometimes too stern or serious, this earth sign can sometimes forget about the feelings of those they love when questing to better themselves. However, they tend to be very reliable, wise, and try to make the best out of any situation.