Aries Horoscope

Oct 22, 2021… Aries can feel a pull to take better care of themselves today. This Friday can bring vibes for health — or at least more health consciousness. As a result, an Aries on a good health program can add amazing energy by evaluating their current routines, finding places for improvement and kicking it up a notch. If you’ve just been skating by, even adding a little play to your schedule can have a big impact on your body for the better.

Today’s Soul Advice: The morning mists rise to reveal the day, clarity emerging from the haze. Your path is there; the fog simply has yet to burn off and reveal the way. Once you start really listening to your soul, simply watch for the rising mists.


A Morning Meditation to Kickstart Your Day

The first few minutes of the morning can set the tone for the entire...


Aries see the world as a fresh and interesting landscape that is in need of exploration. They often need to learn how to cope with their frustration as they grow, because they become easily bored or discontent when things do move along as fast as they would like. However, what they lack in patience, they make up for in action, taking initiative, and having a zest for life. Their fire burns strong for the world to see.