Leo Horoscope

Mar 3, 2021… If a Leo is keeping a secret, it can weigh heavily on the mind today. If you think that telling a fib in order to keep a secret or save someone’s feelings might be the thing to do today, there could be a real downside. The facade can fall and you can be found out. Choosing the truth, even if it is hurtful now, can save you from experiencing more heartache later — or losing someone’s trust. Embracing truth will be the vibe for the day, so run with it.

Today’s Soul Advice: In times of doubt, remember that you so have courage in your soul — even when it is hard to find. You have the ability to empower yourself, and by doing so you can inspire others. Take a breath. Believe in yourself. Know that your potential is great. You are a star.


This fire sign enjoys romance and pleasure: both emotionally and physically, and the more creative, the better. They are faithful, and will take up the cause of those they care about without hesitation. They have courage in spades and they tend to seek emotional and spiritual fulfillment all through their lives.