Leo Horoscope

May 31, 2023… A Leo’s fondness for nice things and success is well known, but their ambitions could take an important turn today. The idea of making a contribution will likely spark curiosity in the purpose-driven Leo today. What worthy cause might you be able to join? Getting involved at a local level, for example, would allow you to see what you could do to help make an impact on your community. It could be more fulfilling than you even imagined.

Today’s Soul Advice: Spread goodness throughout the world through kindness. Treating your friends kindly and respectfully isn’t too tough, usually. The challenge comes in treating kindly those who make it hard to be nice to and who rub us the wrong way. However hard, try to treat those people as nicely as you would wish to be treated anyway. Perhaps your kindness can spark a change in their hearts. If not, acting with such kindness will still certainly help your spirit grow.


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