Cancer Horoscope

Aug 5, 2021… Cancers could get lost in thought today. If deep philosophical or spiritual questions are on your mind, remember that there aren’t always answers. You know what? That’s okay. It’s life’s mysteries that make the journey more interesting. Find a balance, though. Pondering deep thoughts is good exercise, but remember to stay grounded to get through your day, too.

Today’s Soul Advice: Don’t settle for a life less than you are capable of living. Let your passion flourish and never tell yourself you can’t do better. You can do nearly anything you put your mind to. There is always another stair to climb, you just have to be willing to take the extra step. No matter what calls to you or pulls on your soul, this is your time to reach out and grab it.


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Cancers tend to take initiative and are likely to be assertive and strong. Even male Cancers usually have a maternal streak a mile wide. While they have to be careful to not become overbearing or controlling, their hearts are in the right place. Determined and witty, most Cancers do love to laugh and have a zest for life.