Libra Horoscope

Jul 20, 2018… You could have even more clarity and insight than usual today. It may feel like you’re truly gifted with a flash of understanding or wisdom. You may find yourself thinking about issues much larger than your own and are able to come up with solutions that others haven’t yet considered. What will you do with a big jolt of insight? You’ll likely have the opportunity to make a difference, so let your creativity soar.

Today's Soul Advice: If you're one of those "negative people" with "bad vibes" that the internet is urging people to dump from their lives, it can really hurt and be discouraging. Maybe you're struggling with depression, sadness or illness and are fighting to keep your lips above water or to dig yourself out of a great big hole. Darling, keep digging. They say true friends stay when the rest of the world walks out. Reach out to someone just like you and be for them what you need someone to be for you. You can end up lifting each other up in ways you never imagined.

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