Virgo Horoscope

Mar 3, 2021… Virgos may feel less confident than usual in dealing with complex issues that have no simple answer. If it’s any comfort, think of all the times you’ve gotten through bigger things than this in the past — that was no accident. The answers aren’t always obvious, but there’s always a way to find your way. You have the skills and tenacity to deal with whatever comes your way.

Today’s Soul Advice: In times of doubt, remember that you so have courage in your soul — even when it is hard to find. You have the ability to empower yourself, and by doing so you can inspire others. Take a breath. Believe in yourself. Know that your potential is great. You are a star.


Having a strong personality that can be blunt and direct at best or picky and difficult at worst, Virgos do let you know exactly where you stand in their lives. Sometimes work or career can become more important to the Virgo than their friends or relationships, especially if they are working towards a higher calling. Yet, their loyalty is undeniable and once open, they can be warm, caring, and exceptional gracious.