Aries Horoscope

Jun 7, 2020… You could find some special moments just waiting for you on this super Sunday. There’s a touch of magic in the air and you might even feel a faint electricity in your touch. The question is only where to put it. Do you have someone to share it with? Maybe you have a project you’ve been waiting for the right moment to dive into. No matter where you direct your vibe today, the sky will be your only limit.

Today’s Soul Advice: It’s okay to sometimes feel like the world is disappointing, irksome, flabbergasting, and that the only way to fix things is to set it on fire and start over. Try not to dwell in this dark place, though. Instead, talk it out with friends, find someone else who needs your special brand of kindness, or start a new project. Of course, if you do decide to set your world ablaze (metaphorically, of course), don’t be a boring villain who just sits back and watches. Make s’mores.