Aries Horoscope

Jan 24, 2021… Letting go will likely be part of your cosmic theme this weekend. Today you will have the vibe to attract wonderful new things and experiences which means “out with the old” for you! While you’re at it, making a list of things you need to get done but have been putting off can lift some stress. Start crossing them off your list to start your next “in with the new” adventure!

Today’s Soul Advice: When you find your true path, inertia can keep you going. Let the momentum you’ve built rise around you like the rolling current, and then enjoy the ride.


Aries see the world as a fresh and interesting landscape that is in need of exploration. They often need to learn how to cope with their frustration as they grow, because they become easily bored or discontent when things do move along as fast as they would like. However, what they lack in patience, they make up for in action, taking initiative, and having a zest for life. Their fire burns strong for the world to see.