Aries Horoscope

Jul 19, 2018… There will likely be a chance to connect with someone who can have a positive impact on your life today. An Aries can sometimes be a little too cautious about letting someone new into their inner circle of friends. Still, it might be time to open things up to some new people you find interesting. Other friends should appreciate the introduction to new connections as well. Reaching out to someone new can change the course of your day for the better.

Today's Soul Advice: Life is a series of tests. We have the option to choose kindness in most of them. Don’t overlook what might appear to be the most insubstantial of tiny decisions. Sometimes the smaller gestures are the most empowering. See the opportunity for good in your interactions, even in the conflicts. Each choice is a step in a process, and that process is what shapes who you are and who you’ll become.

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