Pisces Horoscope

Jun 6, 2020… Financial decisions could come easier to Pisces today. When it comes to cash, the only really easy thing to say about it is that you can always use more of it. Obviously, it’s important to take care of needs before wants, but there’s a lot of grey in between — where you can get lost. Try to focus on getting on a solid budget and avoid putting your finances at risk when you don’t have to. Once you make a decision you can feel good about, the rest of the day should be a breeze.

Today’s Soul Advice: You are the only person whose actions you can control. You are not responsible for how others treat you or react to you. Their actions and choices come from their own view of the world. Of course, this doesn’t mean you needn’t be kind. Of course you should. This does means that when people are unkind to you, it is not your fault or really about you to begin with.