Pisces Horoscope

Jan 29, 2023… Pisces can develop deeper connections with friends today. The focus may be shifting to creating more intimacy within your circle. Spend quality time with friends and put down the electronic devices to really listen when they talk. If you’re stuck alone, call up a friend if you can! Communication is at the center of it all, no matter how you do it. Build something real, enjoy some laughter, and connect in mind and spirit. You can use today’s energy to create something great for the future.

Today’s Soul Advice: Mother Nature adores and nurtures diversity. That’s why not every bird uses its wings to fly and why some trees bloom flowers, some grow fruit, and others only produce seeds. This means that your uniqueness is loved by nature. Nature worked hard to help you become all of the things that set you apart from other people. Revel in it.


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