Pisces Horoscope

Aug 5, 2021… Your curiosity about spiritual matters may intensify today. Your soul is the real you, and with this vibe you may feel drawn to deeper meaning and purpose. Are you doing what you love? Are you making a difference? You might not get much real work done today, so you might as well dig deeper into what drives the real you. It’s awesome to have a mission and purpose that ignites your passion and creativity. Use the distraction to formulate new ideas and plans for improving your life if you feel the calling.

Today’s Soul Advice: Don’t settle for a life less than you are capable of living. Let your passion flourish and never tell yourself you can’t do better. You can do nearly anything you put your mind to. There is always another stair to climb, you just have to be willing to take the extra step. No matter what calls to you or pulls on your soul, this is your time to reach out and grab it.


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Dreamy and scattered, Pisces are deeply emotional souls who wish to make a connection with their spiritual sides. Even those who do not follow a particular religion tend to feel the pull of a greater relationship with the universe and with all living things. They may be distant at times, even with those they love, as they need space and time alone. However, many will spend much of their lives sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Compassion and empathy feature strongly in this water sign, and they are likely to give you the very shirt off their backs if it would make you happy.