Taurus Horoscope

Dec 8, 2021… Fading energy levels can leave Taureans looking for an early exit today. If you find it hard to focus on what you need to do, let alone be productive, you’re not the only Taurus in the same boat. If you can get a rest, try to spend some time recharging. It probably won’t help to keep pushing through; you could burn out. A moment spent for you — if you can swing it — can get you back to yourself in no time. Once you’re in the driver’s seat and in charge of your day, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish!

Today’s Soul Advice: An idle mind is no one’s friend if you’re facing anxiety or self-sabotage. If you have moments in which your consciousness drifts toward turning on you, try instead to engage your mind with challenging tasks. Whether you enjoy puzzles, video or word games, or detective shows and books, find ways to keep your mind working so that it doesn’t have a chance to self-destruct. Of course you have to deal with the underlying causes, but keeping your brain positive and engaged can actually help you heal from destructive thoughts.


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The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus, which is symbolized by the Bull. Like the strong, stubborn symbol, this Earth Sign tends to plant their feet firmly on the ground and valiantly defend what belongs to them. Taureans aren’t big on changes or major shifts in their lives, unless they can see a way it might benefit them in the long run. Tough, responsible, and practical, a Taurus is loyal to friends and can also be very loving. The connection to earth is strong, as combined with its fixed quality, so while Taureans do have an undeniable love of luxury, they are unlikely to live far beyond their means.