Libra Horoscope

Apr 13, 2021… Libras may find themselves in an intense conversation today. If you’ve been avoiding a confrontation or ignoring a lingering conflict, today’s vibe can make it easier to confront issues directly. You don’t have to be right or wrong — you just have to care. Talking things out is the best path to resolving even the largest problems. If you focus on remaining calm and listening closely, conversations you may have could end with newfound understanding and mutual respect.

Today’s Soul Advice: People who will matter in your life don’t measure you by the things you have or even the things you don’t have. Most often, you will be judged by how you treat them, how you made them feel and how kind you were to them. Knowing this, you can worry a little less about material things.


Charming and witty, Libras often make a good impression on others. They have to be careful though, when playing a role in a social context, to not lose themselves in it. They want to be loved and enjoy others so much that they can risk being taken advantage of or being used. A Libra who has found his or her heart’s desire simply shines and brings a dose of harmony to everything they touch.