Libra Horoscope

Oct 4, 2022… If you have lingering hurt feelings, you might see that come to a simmer today. If you aren’t feeling the love from people who matter, your natural reaction may be to run away and lick your wounds in private or to pull away so that you don’t feel the sting of disappointment. Unfortunately, that may only leave you down in the dumps. Telling someone how their words or actions make you feel can resolve the issue faster and without miscommunication or hurt feelings. Simply expressing how you feel will help you feel free — and get you some comfort, too.

Today’s Soul Advice: Rejection does not mean you aren’t good enough. It could mean that they weren’t a good fit for you and there’s someone or something more compatible for you, or it could be a call for improvement so that when the right person or opportunity comes along, you’ll be ready. Under no circumstances does it mean you should stop trying. Keep pursuing your dreams.


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