Sagittarius Horoscope

Jan 24, 2021… Today will have a great energy to breathe in relaxation and appreciation for life. Sagittarians usually have no problem taking on new things, but today will have a vibe to pause and reflect on what has already come into your life. Don’t feel an ounce of guilt for taking quiet time alone. You’ll likely soon be called upon to be “on” for everyone, so making this your time to rest and recharge the batteries could be good for your soul.

Today’s Soul Advice: When you find your true path, inertia can keep you going. Let the momentum you’ve built rise around you like the rolling current, and then enjoy the ride.


Generally, they are generous, charitable, and want to make an impact on the world around them in some way. Many love philosophy, learning, travel, and anything that will enrich their experience on this planet. Ruled by Jupiter, when a Sagittarius does something, they go big. Hardworking, a Sagittarius plays hard as well.