Cancer Horoscope

Mar 5, 2021… Your energy can be on high today, but it’s neither positive nor negative. It’s just energy until you direct it. This big vibe will make anything you do or feel seem bigger. It’s up to you to translate that energy into whatever you choose to focus on today. Will your productivity be high, or will you fill up with high anxiety? This day will be yours to design. What will you do with it?

Today’s Soul Advice: When you’re trying to comfort someone but can’t find the right words to say, it’s okay to say nothing. Sometimes a shared look or a soft touch can express what you’re feeling more than words ever could.


Cancers tend to take initiative and are likely to be assertive and strong. Even male Cancers usually have a maternal streak a mile wide. While they have to be careful to not become overbearing or controlling, their hearts are in the right place. Determined and witty, most Cancers do love to laugh and have a zest for life.