Capricorn Horoscope

Dec 7, 2021… The to-do list will be no match for Capricorns today. If you’ve got the energy, channel it like a laser into that pile on your plate. Knock them out and tear down that list. Sure, your daily grind doesn’t sound like bundles of excitement, but add some adventure or a drop of fun, and it can actually lift your mood to watch the dominos fall.

Today’s Soul Advice: An idle mind is no one’s friend if you’re facing anxiety or self-sabotage. If you have moments in which your consciousness drifts toward turning on you, try instead to engage your mind with challenging tasks. Whether you enjoy puzzles, video or word games, or detective shows and books, find ways to keep your mind working so that it doesn’t have a chance to self-destruct. Of course you have to deal with the underlying causes, but keeping your brain positive and engaged can actually help you heal from destructive thoughts.


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Capricorns should be careful to remember to be kind, and make an effort to connect with people in order to have healthy relationships. Sometimes too stern or serious, this earth sign can sometimes forget about the feelings of those they love when questing to better themselves. However, they tend to be very reliable, wise, and try to make the best out of any situation.